Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elbasan Arrival

Hello! We have arrived in Elbasan and everything is going well, except for James’ lost bag – misplaced in the US and is supposedly 'on the way', I will believe that once I see it as it has been 'on the way' once before (US Airways is a terrible airline in more than one way). The trip was long, long, long and I am glad we are finally here. If I am remembering correctly the time difference is that we are 8 hours ahead of PST for now and Albania switches to DST on March 29th and that will add one more hour of difference.

We are in Elbasan until Saturday then we will be placed with our host family in Thanë. We have been spoiled until now with people that understand or speak English but it is possible that our host family will not. I am excited and anxious about meeting them...

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